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Power system



Flight Software


System engineering and

Mission Design


Rico Fausch

Principal Investigator

for  the science


Marcel Joss

Head of Telecom & GS pole


François Corthay

Head of OBC pole


Markus Rothacher



François Tièche

Flight Software


Nuria Pazos Escudero

Flight Software

Mission design

It defines the mission objectives and requirements, assess all possible mission concepts and make sure that nothing that could result in bigger problems in the future development of the mission has been left out. 


The On-Board-Computer (OBC) is the brain of the satellite. It has a central role to control the other subsystems, grant or deny their access to power, create the log report for the mission operations, prepare the data transmitted from and to the communication subsystem

Power system

The role of the EPS is to gather the energy from the solar panels and redistribute it to the different subsystems (ADCS, OBC, GNSS, transceiver, payloads, antennas, EDU, battery, thermal system) in the most robust and energy-efficient way.

Flight Software

It enables the spacecraft to perform all operations necessary to facilitate the science objective and perform maintenance tasks for the spacecraft. It controls every subsystems and manage their health and security.


Attitude and determination control system (ADCS): It controls the orientation of the satellite and provides pointing accuracy and stability to the payloads, sensors and antennas. Attitude control is a challenging problem due to power, mass and size limitations of the actuators.


The structure needs to securely hold each component. This frame must be lightweight, yet be robust enough to withstand the high mechanical constraints during launch and keep the satellite intact. This challenge requires modelisation, as well as thermal and vibration analysis

System engineer

They are the big picture of the satellite. They make sure everyone is working on a coherent satellite design, meaning everyone have the same requirements and informations. It involves engineering and management skills. 


Setting a solid communication strategy is essential for this young association. The same applies for the CHESS space mission, we need to advertise it in Switzerland and abroad.


Funding a multi-millions space mission is no easy task. Private sponsoring plays an important part of this project to be launched.


He account for the money received and spent. He needs to be aware of everyone's financial need and their timeline

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